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The Ultimate Package Printing System

Cooper Flexopress Series II

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Managing stocks of printed packaging materials is a major problem. Sudden demands for changes in print style can be impossible to anticipate and having to keep large warehouse stocks of packaging materials is expensive as well as inflexible. Manufacturers of packaging materials, meanwhile, can have difficulty catering for short run orders on equipment primarily designed for volume production.

The Cooper Flexopress solves both these problems - simply and cost effectively. Designed for use by unskilled operators, the Cooper Flexopress utilises industry-standard flexographic printing to offer the highest quality results - including fully scanable barcodes. Packaging material users can simply buy unprinted stock and print what they need, when they need it, while packaging manufacturers can produce top-quality printed materials profitably, even on low run orders. The Cooper Flexopress is designed for ease of use. It features automatic sheet detection, running register adjustment and automatic print cylinder throw-off to ensure fast and easy set-up times.

Using the Cooper Flexopress, the highest quality printing is now possible on a wide range of flat packaging substrates including: collapsed corrugated cases, diecut cartons, solid board, correx, plywood, paper, polythene and woven polypropylene sacks and bags. The machine can also be used for applying latex, PVA and UV Varnish.

Whether your need is to cut down stocks of printed packaging materials, cope with unexpected demands to change print styles, or to offer your customers affordable short runs, the Cooper Flexopress is the ultimate packaging printing system!



in action

Cooper Flexopress Series II

Model 1200

Max sheet width 1250mm
Max sheet length 3000mm
Max print width 1100mm
Max print length 1000mm


Material is fed by hand or by suitable mechanical feeder to front lays. When the machine is ready to accept the workpiece, the front lays drop allowing the material to enter the machine. Attached to the print cylinder is a photopolymer plate inked by an engraved Anilox roller immersed in a duct containing liquid ink. Ink metering is carried out with a rubber roller or optional chambered doctor blade. The stereo cylinder can be adjusted manually to print anywhere on the sheet and all operator controls are easily accessible and simple to use.

Standard Features

  • Automatic print cylinder lifting to reduce waste

  • Anilox inking roller for highest print quality

  • Running register adjustment for fast set-ups

  • Variable speed drive

  • Fully interlocked safety guards

  • Quick change stereo system

  • Electronic sheet counter

Technical Data

  • Maximum machine speed 86 metres/min

  • Stereo thickness: 2.84mm or 4.69mm (0.112" or 0.185")

  • Anilox screen: 185 cells per inch standard (other screens available)

  • Electrical supply 240v 1 phase 50Hz

  • Air supply: 1.36cfm per print station

The Range

The Cooper Flexopress is available in up to 6 colours either manually or automatically fed. For corrugated cartons a kick-feeder is offered, while for lightweight materials the Cooper Flexopress can be equipped with a suction feeder. Drying conveyors are available for plastics and other non-absorbent materials. The Cooper Flexopress can easily be upgraded after purchase.



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